みなさん、こんばんは!週末はいかがお過ごしでしたか?(您周末过得怎么样?)お忙しですか?(你忙吗?)本日もビジネス中国語コミュニケーション(Business Chinese Communication)のブログをご覧いただき、ありがとうございます。今日のテーマはマーケティング分野のSWOT分析(SWOT analysis)です。ご参考まで。

SWOT 分析(态势分析法)

SWOT 分析(態勢分析法)


S:Strengths       优(yōu)势(shì)

W:Weaknesses    劣(liè)势(shì)


O:Opportunities     机(jī)会(huì)

T:Threats         威(wēi)胁(xié)


S:Strengths       优(yōu)势(shì)   強み

W:Weaknesses    劣(liè)势(shì)   弱み


O:Opportunities     机(jī)会(huì)  機会

T:Threats         威(wēi)胁(xié)   恐れ

日本語:もし当時の     SWAT分析をしていたら、王老吉はこのブランドの主な強みはやはり歴史が長く、とても深い歴史文化のいきさつだと気付きます。この商品は広東一帯で清涼茶として古いブランドです。しかし、消費者が飲料に対しての需求の多様化につれて、「暑さを払う」功能の清涼茶類は当時はまだ一つの空白でした。


英語:In the SWOT analysis of Wang Lao Ji red can herbal tea, you will find the main advantage of the brand is the long history that has a deep historical and cultural heritage. It is the old herbal tea brand from Guangdong, with the consumer demand for the beverage is increasingly diversified, with “祛火” function that means relieving fever.


·       Local beverageenterprises have developed and really popular among local consumers with theirfamous brands.

·       The Wang Lao Jibrand has a long history and has a deep historical and cultural background..

·       Relying oncold herbal tea to consolidate the LingNan Market.


·       The regionalbrand only had good sales in Guangzhou and Zhejiang area, unable to open up thenational market.

·       No distinctivebrand features and characteristics, unable to make consumer have a deep memoryor impression of the brand, and further increasing sales.

·       The categoryis unclear, the brand positioning is unclear, and the competitor is not clear.


·       In 2002, thebrand concentration in the beverage market was high, and the market wasmonopolized by the brands of multinational corporations like Coca-Cola.

·       Brand imagepartial to homogeneity, and the characteristics of the brand cannot beseparated.


  • The diversification of consumer demand makes the beverage market has broadprospects for development.

  • Further subdivision of the beverage market, there is no category of coldherbal tea beverage, nor has the “祛火” function (that meansrelieving fever) beverage brand.